Monday, 11 August 2014

GOOOD Bye Vietnam!!!

Just a quick post today, to commemorate a great comedian and actor;

Robin Williams

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As I woke up and checked the news today, I found out that one of our generations greatest comedians and actors had passed away.
Robin Williams has starred in so many of my favorite movies, and his stand up has cracked me up big time.
I'm very sorry to hear that he was struggling with depression, and in the end decided that he did not want to be around any more. My thoughts go out to his family and friends in this time of grief for them.

Thank you Mr. Williams for all the good times and all the laughs you have given us over the years.
This is how I will remember you :) : Youtube; Robin Williams, Weapons of Self Destruction
Hollywood will be a less funny place without you i it.

I hope you find the peace now, where ever you are, that you couldn't find here.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams, 1951 - 2014.

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