Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mars Attacks! and Spider-Man 2

Yup, back again. Time for another update, although there isn't really that much to update about. Not that much has happened lately, hence the lazy writing :-p
I did however take delivery of a new prop and today I accidentally found me something that I wasn't really planning of branching into...

Not to long ago Screen Used had an auction via iCollector. They had many wonderful objects there, most of which were of course (sadly) way out of my financial league. I will still check out the catalogs and register for bidding, just on the off chance that there may be something that I can afford and actually get. I have lost items earlier at auctions like this because of my upper spending limit, but that is just the nature of the game with auctions, and what makes them interesting. Of course, it doesn't help that they are normally held on US sites and then on West-cost time, making it in the middle of the night here in Australia...
So, I was browsing the catalog of the auction and came across a unpainted puppet head of one of the aliens from Mars Attacks! It was reasonably priced, so I put in a pre-bid on it as a just in case. I never expected to win it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained...
Lo and behold, I was the only bidder and so I became the owner of one Alien Puppet Head :)

It arrived just a few days ago, and one of those wonderful things happened. I unwrapped it and was thoroughly surprised over it. I was expecting it to be one solid piece and be reasonably solid, but it is actually hollow and quite delicate. it actually came wrapped in cloth inside the well padded box.  I am holding it now, and am just amazed the level of craftsmanship that went into making this thing.
This is one of the reasons that I love collecting props. To get to experience these things. I keep it wrapped up in the cloth and plastic it came in to protect it from the sun, and high up on a shelf to keep it out of reach of our cat. That is how fragile it feels to me...
I have now ordered a UV-resistant display case and I can't wait for it to arrive so that I can mount and display it. It will get a proud and prominent placement. Post will come with pictures when this has happened.

The other thing that I hinted to further up was something I didn't really plan on getting into. I went and bought a one sheet today. One sheets are posters used in the promotion of movies. The ones you see in the cinemas and in video-shops (for further info on them, follow this link to a short Wikipedia article).
I was just walking along the streets of my town and looked into the window of one of the quirky little used-anything-shops and saw a couple of cool posters in the window. I went in to ask about them and unfortunately they were reproductions. However, the owner of the shop was a very nice guy and we just started talking. It then turned out that he had one of the original one sheets of Spider-Man 2.
He found it for me and let me have a look. Happily, it had never been folded, only rolled, so it is still in good nick. No creases or tears. Just a few very minor marks from use. And it was cheap as well.
Being as I am a sucker for anything Spider-Man I jumped on the chance and bought it there and then.
So, now it seems like I am into one sheets after all... Don't think it will be a big part of the collection, but a few may look good next to the props or just on the wall when I finally get my man-cave to display all my thing in :)

Ok, that's it for now. It became a bit longer than I had thought but I hope  didn't bore you to much with my tale of (for me) good luck and accidental buys.
See you next time :)

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